Regular Meeting – August 23, 2019



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August 23, 2019

President Alan Ilgen called the meeting to order with the pledging of allegiance at 8:30 AM. Council members in attendance: Al Ilgen, Robert Zeigler, Stephen Myers, and Patty Beckenbaugh also in attendance Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Denise Immel. Absent Beth Cowher and Mayor Lauralee Snyder.

Citizens present: David Sprowls, Glenn Ripka of PVCEA, David Gibbons of Centre WISP, Paul Gibbons of Centre WISP, Doug Bierly of Gregg Township

Citizens Input: none

New Action Items:

Centre WISP:

David Gibbons presented a Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access proposal for the Millheim Borough office building. A small antenna would be installed on the roof of the building giving access for not only our office but also the East Penns Valley Library, Penns Valley Code office and any person entering the Borough building. With an internet speed of 30Mbps the monthly cost would be $365.00. This is considerably higher than our current Verizon internet bill. Mr. Gibbons will put together other proposals at lower Mbps for council to review.

Kissinger, Bigatel and Brower Subdivision and Lot Addition:

Kissinger Group LLC has purchased the old Gettig Property on South High Street. We have received a letter from Centre County Planning on their intent to replot the property from two parcels to three parcels. A motion was made by Steve Myers seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh to approve President Ilgen signing and returning the letter with no comments. Motion carried.

Transfer Funds:

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Steve Myers to transfer 4 months PennVest payments from the Water Fund checking to the Water Project checking for payments thru January 2020. Motion carried.

PennDot invoices:

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Steve Myers to pay PennDot inspection invoices for 10/01/2018 for $2,279.49, 10/16/18 for $2,142.14 and 10/16/2018 for $2,341.70. Motion carried.

Approve Lisa and Denise attendance at budget workshop:

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Steve Myers to approve Lisa’s attendance to PSAB budget training in Clearfield on September 11, 2019 cost $125.00. Motion carried.

Haines Fire Police request:

A motion was made by Patty Beckenbaugh seconded by Robert Zeigler to approve Haines Township’s request for Millheim Fire police on October 5th and 6th for the Dutch Fall Festival. Motion carried. President Ilgen to contact Kevin Lingle.

Denise vacation:

Denise will be on vacation the week of September 9th.

Old Action Items:

Change term of Union Cemetery CD-review rates:

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Steve Myers to transfer the Union Cemetery CD to a money market account with FNB at a rate of 2.15 good thru November 2019 and reimburse the general account for Union Cemetery expenses. Motion carried.


Millheim Fire Police will be available late September to control traffic so the new crosswalks can be installed. President Ilgen will contact Kevin Lingle and coordinate dates.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Steve Myers to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 AM.


Denise Immel Secretary/Assistant Treasurer