2023-09-26 Budget Minutes



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September 26, 2023

Katie Blume called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Cecilia Gallup and Nickelaus Engle. Also in attendance Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary and Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer. Absent Beth Cowher and Mayor Steve Myers.

Citizens present: none

New Action Items

Invoices: none

Fall newsletter:

The borough full newsletter was presented to council for review. The dates for the fall brush and leaf pickup were confirmed. There were no additional updates at this time.

Water account 2024 budget:

The water account budget was reviewed, income is in line with previous years, no changes should be needed. We will be required to do PFAS testing this year. We will need to increase the testing expense by at least $6000.00, will transfer these funds from the machinery and equipment expense. All other expenses appear in line with previous years, no additional adjustments needed.

Sewer account 2024 budget:

The sewer account budget was reviewed, income is in line with previous years, no changes should be needed. The backup membranes can be paid from COVID funds, thereby reducing capital improvements to $10,000. The budget for machinery and equipment should be reduced to $9,445.00. This provides a balanced budget for the 2024 fiscal year.  

Old Action Items:

General account update:

The general account budget was reviewed with the changes agreed to at the September 19, 2023 meeting.  No additional changes required.

Street update:

The final draft of the street ordinance is in review with Center County government. Council will need to decide whether they wish to change Stover Avenue to East Stover Avenue and West Stover Avenue. Changing the avenue name will affect two resident’s street addresses.

Robert Zeigler made a motion to adjourn seconded by Cecilia Gallop. Motion passed. Adjourned at 9:20.