2023-05-09 Council Minutes



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May 09, 2023

Katie Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with the pledge of allegiance. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Cecilia Gallup and Beth Cowher. Also in attendance Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary, Adam DeGarmo, Road Master and Solicitor John Miller. Absent Nickelaus Engle and Mayor Steve Myers

Citizens present: Leslie Warriner and Anne Messner

Citizens Input: none

A motion was made by Cecilia Gallup to approve the April 11, 2023 minutes as presented, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler to approve the April 2023 financials as presented, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion passed.

Code Enforcement/HARB/Planning Commission Reports:

`The Code Enforcement report was reviewed with no questions or comments. No reports from HARB or the Planning Commission.

Employee Report:

The Consumer Confidence Report is due to be published in June, in the past we have put the link on the June billing notices, suggestion to also post in the Millheim post office and email to clients.

Mr. Kerstetter is working with Buchart Horn to complete the NPDES report.

New Action Items

Invoices: none

Joint paving:

Mr. DeGarmo reported that a joint meeting was held at Miles Township with road masters from Haines Township, Gregg Township, Miles Township, Millheim Borough and Penn Township. A representative presented the use of a 7 foot berming machine. The goal is to have municipalities work together and share the cost of this machine. The local road masters are to get together to discuss the pros and cons of this equipment.

Centre County MPO:

Anne Messner was present to address the survey from the Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization long range transportation plan and needs survey. This survey was last done in 2019 and is to be done every 5 years. Ms. Messner requested council review the past survey and update results focusing on the Key Corridors, Freight Corridors and Maintenance sections.

Switch EDU location:

Adam Byler has requested the transfer of the sewer and water hook up that was purchased for Lot 11, Claren Court to Lot 1 on Mill Street as he no longer believes Lot 11 is suitable for the construction of a house. Beth Cowher made a motion to approve his request authorizing the transfer of water and sewer hookups from Lot 11 Claren Court to Lot 1 Mill Street, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

EMS Resolution:

Beth Cowher made a motion to adopt Resolution 2023-06 designating the week of May 21- 27, 2023 as Emergency Medical Services Week, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried.

Route 45 Get Away:

Route 45 Get Away will not be sponsored by Ferguson Township although the grant to Happy Valley Adventure Bureau is in queue, Valley Community Business Alliance is requesting the Millheim Borough request transfer of the grant application to the Borough and VCBA will assume the responsibilities of coordinating the event, which will run from Haines Township to Ferguson Township on Route 45. Cecilia Gallup made a motion to grant VCBA’s request to request transfer of said grant seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried with Robert Zeigler abstaining as he is president of VCBA.

Local Fire Company active list:

Millheim Fire Company has presented Council with a list of borough residents that have met the qualifications to be considered active member of the fire company. Cecilia Gallup made a motion to approve this list qualifying 9 residents for the agreed upon municipal tax credit per Resolution 2022-06, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

Old Action Items

Update on Infrastructure

SCREEN REPLACEMENT PROJECT:  This project is prepared for bidding. This project will be advertised on May 25, 2023 and June 01, 2023 with bids opened at the June 13, 2023 council meeting.

DCED MULTIMODAL GRANT BRIDGE PROJECT:  A site meeting was held on April 25, 2023, with a bridging company. Buchart Horn is waiting on their final proposal for the pricing. It appears that using this system may allow for both Elk Street and Plum Street to be completed.

WWTP PROJECT – EQUILIZATION TANK: Buchart Horn is currently designing the tank and the control mechanism for the EQ Tank. A preliminary design meeting will be held with Justin in the next month to finalize layout and controls. We may need to execute an agreement for services based upon the grant application. The engineering fee listed in the grant application was $40,000.00.

LSA Grant Application: Millheim Borough was selected to receive $400,000 from the Local Share Account program. This grant is to replace the raw water line from the dam to the new main along SR 0445 and a section further down toward town. This program does not have a match component. Buchart Horn will present an agreement to Council to begin this process.

NPDES Renewal: The wastewater treatment plant is due to renew the discharge permit. Buchart Horn is working with the operator to secure all necessary water quality testing for the renewal.

Update of solar projects

Millheim Waste Treatment Solar phase 2: 

Bai Group reported that all permits and interconnection approvals have been received for this project. Their tentative plan is to schedule construction activities to begin in September. This depends on product availability. There is an ongoing shortage/backlog for critical equipment in the solar industry. Some of these challenges will impact the timeline. Once a firm date is set, BAI will communicate that to the Council prior to starting any field work.

Reichard Cemetery:

Mr. Reichard has secured a ground penetrating sonar company that will be on sight on Thursday, May 11. Once the exact location of gravesites is confirmed, the purchase of the property will be pursued.

Electric Estimate:

Heritage Electric apologized for typographical error on the estimate submitted to council last month for the moving of outlets on the light poles, the correct estimate is $1,995.00 total cost not per post. Beth Cowher made a motion to have Heritage Electric lower the electrical outlets on the light poles for cost of $1,995.00 using funds from the Beautification account, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

Medical service update:

Talks continue to take place with various medical facilities to bring additional health care to the Penns Valley area.

VBCA update: none

Secretary’s Report:

The Jersey Shore bi annual loan payment is due. Beth Cowher made a motion to transfer necessary funds to cover payment from the sewer money market account to sewer general checking account, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried.

Beth Cowher brought to councils attention a request from a borough resident for a convex mirror to be installed at the intersection of Plum Ally and West Main Street giving visibility of traffic pulling out of Plum Ally to traffic entering the downtown district heading west. Borough secretary will contact PennDot.

Robert Zeigler made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


Denise Immel Secretary/Assistant Treasurer