2023-01-10 Council Minutes



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January 10, 2023

Katie Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with the pledge of allegiance. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Cecilia Gallup and Nickelaus Engle also in attendance Solicitor John Miller, Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer and Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary. Absent Beth Cowher and Mayor Steve Myers

Citizens present: none

Citizens Input: none

A motion was made by Cecilia Gallup to approve the December 13, 2022 as presented, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler to approve the December 2022 financials as presented, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion passed.

Code Enforcement/HARB/Planning Commission Reports:

The Code Enforcement report was reviewed with no questions or comments. No reports from HARB or the Planning Commission. 

Employee Reports

Winter is here and there have been a few small snow storms. As most people where made aware, the 2017 Chevy T-Tag plow truck ran into some major issues. In the beginning of December there were a couple days where the transmission wasn’t responding correctly. The truck was taken to Johnny Luse and he thought that the third gear was bad and wasn’t going to last long. Within the next week the transmission went out. Bill Schreffler, Milesburg was immediately contacted he is the transmission specialist that Mr. Luse recommended. Mr. Schreffler had the parts in stock and estimated two weeks for the truck to be completed Mr. Schreffler had completed the truck in 7 days. The 2017 truck is back and in action. Thanks to Valley Towing for hauling the truck to Schreffler’s for us.

During all the very cold weather we had, there were a few water meters that needed replaced from breaking, this was handled in a very timely manner and were all properly replaced. Code office had requested their floor to be fixed. It was assessed, insulated, and fixed.

On December 13 Mike and Adam had completed flagger training, they are now certified for flagging operations.

As some issues are occurring with the existing maintenance laptop and the metal detector staff has requested permission to replace both. Nickelaus Engle made the motion to approve the purchase of the laptop capping cost at $1,000.00 and the metal detector cost $800.00, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

As Mr. Kerstetter uses his personal vehicle to travel between the water and sewer plants and to various worksites a request was presented to purchase a pickup truck with plow for use by the water and sewer operator. Council has requested Mr. Kerstetter explore options and report back with cost estimate.

The water and sewer plants are both operating very efficiently, all testing has been completed as required. The water plant has received no violations and the sewer has only received one violation when the issues of the membrane breakdown occurred.

New Action Items


A motion was made by Robert Zeigler to approve payment of the Stanley C. Bierly invoice in the amount of $1,514.89 for repair of the geothermal system covering the period of November 04, 2022 thru December 11, 2022, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried.


Solicitor Miller has been asked to prepare a draft resolution with an updated all-inclusive fee schedule.

Secretary will supply fee information to Mr. Miller.

Streets and Alley updates:

Cecilia Gallup made a motion to table this discussion until the February council meeting to allow further time to review and have full council present, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

Ordinance 273:

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler to adopt Ordinance 273, amending Chapter 15, Part 3, Section 305 of the Millheim Borough code of ordinances by prohibiting the parking, standing or stopping of vehicles on the easterly and westerly side of the right-of-way of Mensch Street from East Main Street to Walter Street to protect the Elk Creek water way, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried.


Insurance quotes were received from Doty and Hench ($17,197) and The Teeter Group ($22,369). Robert Zeigler made a motion to renew the insurance thru Doty and Hench, seconded by Nickelaus Engle. Motion carried.

Old Action Items:


 Buchart Horn is requesting Council authorizes advertising the project at the February meeting. They will open bids March 10, 2023 and make a recommendation to Council at the March meeting to award the contract.


A site visit occurred to take measurements and photos of the Elk Creek Bridge. Buchart Horn is recommending that the Borough pursue a concrete box culvert as a replacement for the existing structure. This recommendation is based upon the shallow depth of the Race and the lack of cover. If the opening is kept similar in size, a more complex study will not be required.


Buchart Horn is designing the tank and the control mechanism for the EQ Tank. Preliminary design will be completed in 30 days and ready for review.


The Grant Application was submitted by the December 21, 2022 deadline. A new item was included in this application and Buchart Horn will need to work with staff to get a new number for receiving funds. It is called a Unique Entity Identifier and System Award Management (SAM) Registration. This is necessary due to the inclusion of federal funds in this application cycle.

Update on solar projects: no report

Justin training:

Mr. Kerstetter will taking additional activated sludge training in February.

Finalize fee update: see above under fees

Board and other appointments:

Robert Zeigler made a motion to appoint Laron Horner the Borough’s 2023 Sewer enforcement officer, and accept his fee schedule, seconded by Nickelaus Engle. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report


The Borough has had to shut off water service to properties due to water pipes breaking. Another residence is slated for shut off but the shut off is located under Penn St, permission has been granted by PennDOT to access the shutoff. It was then discovered that the shutoff is badly rusted and cannot be turned, additional work will need to be performed in order to shut off water.

Robert Zeigler made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Denise Immel Secretary/Assistant Treasurer