2022-06-14 Council Minutes



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June 14, 2022

Katie Blume called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00 PM. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Cecilia Gallup and Nickelaus Engle also in attendance Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary and Solicitor John Miller. Absent Mayor Steve Myers and Beth Cowher

Citizens present: none

Citizens Input: none

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler to approve the May 10, 2022 and May 20, 2022 minutes as presented, seconded by Nickelaus Engle. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler to approve the May 2022 financials as presented, seconded by Nickelaus Engle. Motion carried.

Code Enforcement/HARB/Planning Commission Reports:

The Code Enforcement report was reviewed with no questions or comments. No reports from HARB or the Planning Commission.

Employee Report:

We have been keeping up with all of the mowing, weed eating, and spraying. We were able to get our hanging flower baskets out before the holiday this year with the addition of some smaller hanging baskets on the front of the borough building. Before this time next year we will definitely have to look into some new big hanging baskets. They have pretty much seen their life expectancy.

Marcon Inc. was able to get our new roof cap on. Therefore we were able to get some new ceiling tiles in. This will help us to assure that there is no more leak. Road patching has begun, we are making our way through town with cold patch fixing the necessary spots. Stone alleys have been patched and are holding well. We will be looking into purchasing some road cones, to replace some and to add to inventory. Right now we have 13 and about 6 of them are pretty damaged.

Cecilia Gallup made a motion to accept the code and employee reports as presented, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

New Action Items

2022 Pride Month Recognition Resolution 2022-07:

Robert Zeigler made a motion to adopt Resolution 2022-07 recognizing and supporting June 2022 as LGBTQ pride month, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried.

Solar update and new proposal from Sel/BAI:

BAI is still awaiting approval on the solar field, they still have a strong interest in proceeding and have partnered with Hodgson to finance the build. An extension to the option agreement has been signed.

BAI is interested in developing the licensed land at the sewer plant for an additional solar field, energy that would be generated would be sold back to the grid. BAI would be fully responsible for any and all expenses incurred.   They would like to partner with SRE on this project. BAI and SRE will prepare a lease agreement for the land and present at the July meeting.

Discussion on recommendation from Code re construction noise:

We have heard from a couple of residents about the noise and start times of construction within the borough. Code has spoken with contractors and they have agreed to be more courteous with start times. As there is no ordinance in effect governing times and noise of construction code has suggested an ordinance be adopted. Council has agreed to keep this in mind but will wait until contractors no longer comply with verbal requests or additional if additional concerns are voiced.


Cecilia Gallup made a motion to approve payment of invoices #116458 in the amount of $1,217.50. invoice #116661 in the amount of $460.00 and invoice #116662 in the amount of $202.50, seconded by  Nickelaus Engle. Motion carried.

Temporary water line:

Due to inaccuracy of the water line maps for Penn Street, PennDot is forced to run a temporary water line to the property at 100 Penn Street. This will enable them to continue construction on the Penn Street bridge. The cost should be between $1,500.00 and $2,000.00. PennDot will be billing us for the temporary waterline.

Skate ramp offer:

Katie Blume will speak to benefactor about contacting Penns Valley Park and Recreation or Millheim Lions Club.

Old Action Items

Updates on infrastructure projects (Penn, Park, grants)

Park Road/Bridge

Applications for Partial Payment have been received from each Contractor. The HRI application for the crack repair work and for 10% of the guide rail item. The contractor exceeded the estimated

quantity for crack repair by 19.10 feet ($3,151.50). Mr. Sergusky has field verified this quantity.

 Gutelius is requesting payment for work associated with the drainage portion of the road project. All items are either at budget or below at this time.

Contract Payee Work Completed Retainage Amount Recommended

Contract #                            work completed retainage   amount recommeded

20-02 HRI, Inc.                     $ 19,451.50         $ 1,945.15   $ 17,506.35

20-03 Gutelius Excavation $ 48,611.35         $ 4,861.14  $ 43,750.22

Gutelius has made a request for Change Order to the Borough. They have provided information on

the current asphalt index now versus the index at bidding. This change would add $1.17 /sy on the

binder course (increase of $3,94.65 based upon estimated quantities) and $0.78/sy on the wearing

course (increase of $2,063.10). The Borough is under no obligation to do anything on this increase.

Nickelaus Engle made a motion to approve payments to Gutelius and HRI, Inc.  as recommeded, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

The additional paving estimate by Gutelius which was approved for $10,000.00 from general fund at the May meeting has come in at higher than the $10,000.00 Nickelaus Engle made a motion to approve the additional $1,799.99 from general funds in order to complete the paving, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

Screen Replacement Project:

The application is in technical review by DEP.

DCED Multimodal Grant Bridge Project:

A site visit occurred to take measurements and photos of the Elk Creek Bridge. Buchart Horn is

recommending that the Borough pursue a concrete box culvert as a replacement for the existing

structure. This recommendation is based upon the shallow depth of the Race and the lack of cover.

If the opening is kept similarly sized, no additional more complex studies will be needed as part of

the permit application. Mr. Sergusky will be providing a service agreement and estimate of project cost prior the next meeting.

WWTP Project – Equalization Tank:

Buchart Horn has completed their site visits and have compiled the appropriate data to recommend a tank size of 150,000 gallons. The recommendation of the tank manufacturer would be for a 41’ diameter

tank that is almost 15 feet tall. DCED grant will be used to cover majority of costs.


42′ DIAMETER TANK $ 225,000.00


FLOW CONTROL $ 15,000.00

LEVEL SENSING $ 10,000.00


ENGINEERING $ 26,000.00


Robert Zeigler made a motion to have Buchart Horn proceed with the WWTP project, seconded by Nickelaus Engle. Motion carried.

Updates on community events if ceded (WalkFest, Carnival, Farmers Market) – no updates

Membrane Replacement:

Mr. Kerstetter is reaching out to installer to set dates for this to take place.

Secretary’s Report

Lift Chair:

A sign has been placed at the chair requesting that anyone needing to use the lift chair contact one of the open offices for assistance.

Pool vandalism:

No additional damage has been reported. Mr. Zeigler shared grant information with the board.


Robert Zeigler made a motion to proceed with donations to EMS and Millheim Pool as budgeted, seconded by Cecilia Gallup. Motion carried.

PAHAF program;

This is another program available to assist residents, who have been effected by Covid layoffs or shutdowns, with utility payments, they are requesting the Borough of Millheim to sign up and forward a completed W-9. Robert Zeigler made a motion to provide the requested information that will allow our qualified resident to apply, seconded by Nickelaus Engle. Motion carried.

Nickelaus Engle made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.


Denise Immel Secretary/Assistant Treasurer