2021-06-08 Council Minutes



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June 08, 2021

Robert Zeigler called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Beth Cowher, Steve Myers and Katie Blume. Also in attendance Mayor Lauralee Snyder, Solicitor John Miller, Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer and Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary. Absent Patty Beckenbaugh.

Citizens Present: Nickelaus Engle, Leslie Warriner, Travis Walker and David Sprowls

Citizens Input:

Travis Walker requested that the Borough update the Code of Ordinance located on the borough web page as the last update was done in 2017. Robert Zeigler reported that the web page has just been updated, the Code of Ordinance is now current thru December of 2020.

Leslie Warriner gave a report on the Regional Planning meeting held May 25, 2021 some topics that were covered:

Discussions were held on the expansion of the Centre Hall Library, the expansion does not appear to  

be sanctioned by the Centre County Library.

The regional municipalities would like to hold a water operating meeting on July 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM in the Old Gregg School. This meeting is to be a change of information session and used as in introduction of all water operators in the Penns Valley Area. Invitations will be sent to all water operators.

Penns Valley Emergency Medical Services are looking at cost cutting measures. One suggestion was to have the municipalities spit the costs of the audit, cost of this audit is over $3,000.00.

Ms. Warriner reported that the steeple on St. John’s Lutheran Church has deteriorated and has become a safety hazard. The church does not have the funds at this time to repair and may need to

have it removed.

Ms. Warriner requested that the childcare center located in St. John’s be allowed to close off Race Aly from Mill Street to Deer Aly on Wednesdays from 9 AM until 5 PM to allow the children to safely play outdoors as the courtyard is unavailable.  Steve Myers made a motion to allow the closure of Race Aly between Mill Street and Deer Aly on Wednesdays from 9 AM to 5 PM beginning June 09, 2021 and continuing for 12 weeks, seconded by Katie Bloom. Motion carried.

Ms. Warriner and Mr. Engle gave an update on the pool opening. There appears to be a shortage of the chemicals need to support the pool. There is an issue with the pump which could cost $50,000.00 to replace and there is a drainage issue. The pool is in need of a major overhaul. Would the Borough be willing to donate our pump from the sewer plant if needed and can be transfigured to work? Katie Blume made a motion to donate the pump at the sewer plant to the Millheim Pool if the pump is needed and will work for their needs, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried. They also approached council about a loan to purchase a new pump. Council would consider only if other municipalities where asked for a loan as well.

Beth Cowher explain to council that the code office continues to have water run down the chimney damaging the walls and ceiling. The water damage could eventually lead to black mold and structural damage. Marcon has recommended a cap be put on the chimney as well as having the brick repointed.

Dave Sprowls suggested that we may be able to have the chimney wrapped instead of repointed. Ms. Cowher will look into the available options. Katie Blume made a motion to pursue obtaining prices for the repairs needed, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried

A borough resident has requested a dead end or no thruway sign be posted on Hillcrest Avenue where it meets Pine Street. Many cars just go down the street and turn around. We will have Mr. Kerstetter check on the availability of a sign and if none are in inventory request he obtain a price for said sign.

Steve Myers made a motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried

New Action Items:

Millheim WalkFest of Arts and Music:

The WalkFest is set to be held on July 19th, 20th and 21s, The committee is requesting access to the grass lot on the corner of Center Street and Water Street for public parking, closing off Poplar Street from behind the Millheim Hotel to behind Penns Valley Jewelers as well as a small portion of Sugar Alley Next to Penns Valley Jewelers, to be used for public walking access coming from Pisano Winery area to the other festival areas and to use the Gazebo in Fountain Park as the WalkFest Headquarters. Katie Blume made a motion to honor the three requests of the WalkFest Committee, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried. The committee also requested permission to place a banner across Main Street. The banner request will be part of a resolution to be signed when the location can be determined.

LBGT+ Resolution 2021-07

Katie Blume made a motion to pass Resolution 2021-07 recognizing and supporting LGBTQ+ Pride Month June 2021, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried.

Birch Trees by Breon Property:

The Breon Sisters have requested to have access to the birch trees that will be removed from the Boroughs property beside their house. The trees have sentimental value as their father planted the trees several years ago, they would like to make something from the wood as a remembrance of their father.

Beth Cowher made a motion to allow the Breon sisters have the trees once they have been removed, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Park Road bid discussion:

The Borough received 2 bids on the paving for Park Road and one bid for the bridge repair on Park Road. The bids came in significantly over budget. Steve Myers made a motion to reject all bids, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried.

2 Way Radio:

The Borough has received another proposal for two way radios from ComPros, for $3,798.26 the proposal from Centre Communications was $4,157.00 dated November 2020. Beth Cowher made a motion to accept the proposal from ComPros, seconded by Steve Myers, Motion carried. Borough secretary will contact Chris Leahy, ComPros representative and place order.

New Hire:

Beth Cowher made a motion to advertise for a fulltime maintenance person to fill the position left vacant as Mr. Kerstetter and Mr. DeGarmo move to their new positions, starting wage $15.00 per hour, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried. The positon will be posted on the borough web page and our Facebook page as well as in the Center County Gazette.

Water/Sewer operator salary: tabled until a later meeting

3 Small Bridge update:

Dave Venezian from Boggs Township has agreed to meet with John Sergusky and the Borough to demonstrate the bridge kits that Boggs Township has used to replace bridges. The borough will look at resubmitting for multimodal funding.

Coffee and Conversation:

Mr. Zeigler reported the hot topic was the fair districting legislature.

Old Action Items:

Pollinator Update:

The weeds have been destroyed and land is ready for planting. The seed has been delivered to Mr. King.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the pollinator.

Letter to legislators regarding Fair Districts:

Katie Blume made a motion to accept as presented the letters supporting Fair Districting, with all council members and mayor signatures to Representative Benninghoff and Senator Corman, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried.

Letter for HB225 signatures:

Katie Blume made a motion to accept as presented the HB225 letter opposing the consolidation of funds with all council members and mayor signatures to Representative Benninghoff, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried.


PA Rural Water has requested Borough Council oppose SB 597, the bill appears to have the primary purpose of driving municipalities and small private entities out of the water and wastewater business through new unnecessary regulatory requirements and costs. Steve Myers made a motion to use the template supplied by PA Rural Water opposing SB 597 and send to the Chairman and Chairwoman and members of the Senate Consumer Affairs and Professional Licensure Committee, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.


Beth Cowher made a motion to accept the survey as presented changing the return by date to June 30, 2021, survey to be distributed to Millheim residents by mail, posted on our Face Book page and on our web site, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Roy’s retirement/Boob letter:

Discussion was held on the concerns presented in Mr. Boob’s letter. Mr. Rupert explained to council that steps are in place for a smooth transition. Mr. Kerstetter has been receiving onsite training at both the water and sewer plants for the past 6 years, he is currently taking online classes and is set to take his water test on August 3rd 2021.  Mr. Rupert wanted to assure the residents of the Borough as well as council that Mr. Kerstetter is fully capable of handling the operations of both the water and sewer facilities. Mr. Rupert will be available if needed and will continue to work directly with Mr. Kerstetter.

Mayor Snyder will work with Mr. Rupert to finalize his new employment agreement, which will be presented at the June 18, 2021 meeting.

Secretary’s Report:

Ms. Immel requested approval to correct the minutes of the April 13th meeting, the Ordinance that was passed vacating Confer is labeled as 267 the correct number is 269. Beth Cowher made a motion to correct the April 13th, 2021 minutes changing Ordinance #267 to #269, also to correct the number on the Ordinance to 269, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Beth Cowher made a motion to approve and pay the Uni-Tec invoice for engineering services on Park Road Bridge in the amount of $1442.00, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Katie Blume made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.


Denise Immel, Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer