Recycling Bins

Our maintenance staff has delivered the recycling bins, each residence should have received at least 1 bin, we apologize for not be able to disburse 2 bins to each of you, we were not supplied with enough bins for each of you to receive 2, if you do not want the bins or only need 1, please call 814-349-5350 or 814-360-2984 or email and we will pick up and deliver to a resident who only received 1 bin. As a reminder there are recycling collection bins behind the borough building. 

Unfortunately we will not be doing curb side recycling pickup. We do not have the necessary equipment or funding to do this. The recycling bins we are providing can be emptied in the recycling containers behind the Borough building.  We encourage each of you to utilize these bins to recycle the items listed below, you are not only helping the environment but also saving money in trash fees.

Items that can be recycled include mixed paper, paperboard, magazines and newspaper. Corrugated cardboard, all boxes must be broken down. Plastics – bottles, jugs and jars. Glass – clear, green, brown. Steel and aluminum – cans and foil.

Items that cannot be recycled – batteries, styrofoam, paper plates, paper cups, glassware, ceramics and miscellaneous plastic.