This disclosure satisfies the requirements for the Millheim Borough Pension Fund with the Pennsylvania State Association of Borough’s Municipal Retirement Trust.

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2016 Act 44 Disclosure Form

Volunteers Wanted

Any one interested in helping the Downtown Beautification Committee, please contact Patty Beckenbaugh, Committee Chairperson at 349-2419.

ATV Ordinance

An ATV Ordinance regarding ATVs, dirt bikes, and other recreational vehicles was adopted at the January 2014 Borough Council meeting. It is now unlawful to operate these vehicles within the Borough. This ordinance was adopted to reduce noise, reduce dust and dirt pollution, and improve safety for pedestrians. There are certain exceptions, such as motorized wheel chairs and scooters used by handicapped individuals, and vehicles used for property maintenance or business purposes. Also excluded are uses by the Millheim Fire Company, the Penns Valley Emergency Medical Services, and other municipal, governmental, or military personnel when used to conduct their official duties. Code Enforcement Officers as well as the Pennsylvania State Police have enforcement authority of this ordinance. Violation of this ordinance can result in penalties ranging from $50 to $300 per offense. This is a summary of the ordinance. The full text of the ordinance can be found by clicking on “ATV Ordinance to the left of this document and then beside Attachments clicking on the ATV Ordinance.pdf


Parking: There is 2-hour parking in the downtown business district. The area is signed and offenders may be ticketed. Please note: Parking in front of a fire hydrant is not permitted, offenders will be ticketed.

Important Rules and Regulations

Sidewalk Obstructions: It is the responsibility of the property owner to see that all sidewalks are cleared of snow, ice and other obstructions within twenty-four (24) hours after the same shall cease to fall, in the case of snow, or shall have occurred, in the case of ice or other obstructions.

Building Permits and Yard Sale Permits are required in the Borough so please call Glenn Ripka at 349-8177 for more information before starting any project.

Stream Signage

On September 20, 2001, the Millheim Borough Council made application to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission for the stream signage program. The Commission accepted applications from municipalities, watershed organizations, schools and civic organizations (such as scouts, 4-H, key clubs, etc.) that were interested in placing stream identification signs. These signs were to be placed immediately before bridges of state-owned roads. The Susquehanna River Basin Commission funded the production and installation of the stream identification signs within the Pennsylvania portion of the Susquehanna River Basin through a reimbursement program.

On January 31, 2002, the Borough was approved as a recipient of this stream identification reimbursement program. Within the Millheim Borough boundaries, the only stream crossing is the bridge on Route 45 that crosses over Elk Creek. The two signs provided as part of this program were installed on the east and west sides of the bridge by the Borough on June 17, 2002.

As you travel through town, please stop and take a few minutes to notice the signs, enjoy the view of Elk Creek, and take advantage of the cool breeze on a hot summer day. If time permits, you may want to follow Elk Creek as it flows toward Coburn or travel north on Route 445 and view the sights as it wends its way through the Millheim Narrows.

If you are interested in more information on the Susquehanna River Basin Commission click on the link provided below.

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Tree Planting Project

On June 17, 2002, the final October Glory Maple Tree was planted in the community parking lot. This first phase of the project included preparing the lay-out/sketch for the placement of the seven October Glory Maple Trees that will one day supply a beautiful canopy of shade. We hope this addition to the parking lot will invite people to park and visit Fountain Park with its gazebo and historic water fountain in front of the parking lot and to take a walk through the downtown business area.

The Millheim Borough is grateful to the PA Urban & Community Forestry Council for helping to fund this portion of the project. The Borough was awarded a $1,000.00 grant which was used to purchase the trees. The agreement for this funding was that the Borough would match the $1,000.00 either with an equal amount of money or with like-kind services. Volunteers prepared the lay-out and sketch for the arrangement of the trees and the Borough employees did the planting. Because of the Borough’s annual leaf-collection program, we were able to provide the mulch needed. We were also able to provide sufficient topsoil for this project. Thanks to volunteers and Borough stockpiles, this project was completed by using the $1,000.00 grant funds, $50.00 cash from Borough funds and $950.00 worth of in-kind match (i.e., employee salaries, topsoil from Borough stockpiles, mulch from the Borough compost pile, etc.).

We hope visitors and Borough residents enjoy the beauty and respite from hot summer days when they utilize the parking lot. Come visit us often.

Fountain Park

Millheim was once a thriving community with many business enterprises offering job opportunities for local residents. In an ongoing attempt to improve and beautify our town, the Millheim Borough Council is actively seeking sources that may be available to help fund several projects. One such project is the restoration of our downtown area into a place that encourages a feeling of ownership and pride in the local community. To this end, a Downtown Beautification Committee has been created and through a Historic Preservation Grant and donations of time, talent and monetary contributions from our area residents, a local craftsman restored a historic fountain and Fountain Park was created. To date, the fountain has been installed, a gazebo erected, park benches purchased, brick walks laid, flowers/grass planted, and some street lights have been installed in the Park area and more lights were purchased in May 2001 for installation in the Parking Lot. This park is situated directly on Route 45, which is a main thoroughfare between Lewisburg and State College and creates a picturesque area for Penn State football fans and all other tourists that may be traveling in or through Centre County.

The area has been appropriately named Fountain Park because the focal point of the area is a fountain that has been a prominent part of the history of Millheim since 1909. There is an article and some pictures about this fountain featured in the Millheim Bicentennial Book published in 1988.

Many generations of children from Millheim, Rebersburg, Aaronsburg, Coburn and Woodward have memories of being lifted up by parents, siblings or just friendly citizens to get a drink from this fountain on a hot day. Today mothers can be seen with young children having a picnic lunch in the gazebo or lifting a young child to get a drink at the fountain and we are all reminded of our childhood years growing up in Millheim. People returning to visit after living out of the area for many years relate stories of their youth and remark on how happy they are to see the Fountain restored. It seems to be the one constant in an ever-changing society that helps people continue to feel at home and rooted to their hometown.

Thanks to generous grant contributions from the Dept. of Community and Economic Development and the Centre County Foundation, donations from local citizens, Omega Bank, the Mifflinburg Bank and the support of Senator Jake Corman and Representative Kerry Benninghoff many more generations of children will continue to have the same pleasant memories and will allow visitors an opportunity to embrace a small hometown atmosphere that has spanned the generations.