Regular Meeting – April 09, 2019



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April 09, 2019

President Al Ilgen called the meeting to order with the pledging of allegiance at 7:00 PM. Council members in attendance: Al Ilgen, Patty Beckenbaugh, Robert Zeigler, Stephen Myers and Mayor Lauralee Snyder. Absent Beth Cowher. Also present Roger Mays representing Uni-Tec.

Citizens present: Vince Smith, Andy Pisano, Andrew Pisano and David Sprowls

Mayor Snyder had new council member Stephen Myers, recite the Oath of Office to complete the installation process, filling Ed Bowman’s position thru 12/31/19.

Citizens Input – none

Code Enforcement reports were reviewed with no questions or concerns

HARB and Planning Commission: no reports

Employee Reports:

Maintenance has been working on spring cleanup including replacing several signs and posts as well as tree removal. Street sweeping has been completed and Fountain Park is on the list to have the benches and fountain installed.

Roy Rupert- the sewer treatment plant is running well with non-detectable test results. He will be meeting with the crew of the Narrows Water line project and request getting the milling to be used to pave the end of Park road and the water plant parking lot. All required reports have been filed with DEP except the Consumer Confidence report which is not due until July 1. There has been an increase in the water sampling requirements for 2019 which will also mean additional expense. A “use it or lose it” requirement has been established by DEP, meaning we will be required to use Elk Creek once per quarter as a raw water source.

New Action Items:


Roger Mays reported that G&R Charles has returned to the site and has completed the installation of the main line. They will complete the interconnections and testing to place the new line in service. The milling and paving of RT 445 will be discussed with PennDot at the next meeting on 04/10/19.

Unit-Tec is still receiving comments on the water allocation permit submission. During the renewal DEP will be placing Phillips Creek and Elk Creek on the same allocation permit. This will not affect the current 160,000 gallons per day withdraw from Phillips Creek and will extend the permit date to 2044. Uni-Tec is investigating the best solution to monitor the pass by flow of Phillips Creek, once this is determined a proposal will be presented to council.

The Annual Waste load Management Report has been submitted to DEP. As in the last couple of years, the report shows a lingering organic overload from the years prior to the modification in sampling. Uni-Tec provided an additional updated calculation since the sampling change that shows the plant is not experiencing organic overloads. This is the same calculation Uni-Tec has done for the last three years.

The existing NPDES permit expires 12/31/19, renewal needs to be submitted 182 days prior to expiration date. A series of lab test need to be completed prior to submission. Uni-Tec has begun the application process and has forwarded the testing information to Mr. Rupert for completion.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh to approve the Uni-Tec invoices for February in the amount of $4,375.00. Motion carried.

Pisano Sewer Agreement:

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Steve Myers to have President Ilgen sign the final version of the Operations and Maintenance Agreement for Private Sewer Extension Serving the Pisano Winery Property as approved by Solicitor Miller. Motion carried.

Smith Property Variance:

Mr. Smith is requesting a variance to the setbacks needed on the 10 acres he recently purchased on Gramley Avenue from the Cormans in order to continue to have livestock on the property. After discussion it was decided to refer the request back to the Planning Commission for recommendations.

David Sprowls will contact planning commission for meeting on 04/23/19.

HAMA Water Agreement:

Council is still reviewing the agreement with HAMA. Council still wishes to help a neighboring community but must be sure our residents are taken care of first. Council will look at rewriting the agreement with HAMA. Council will request all cost associated with the design and construction of the HAMA interconnect be paid by HAMA, except for a 75 dollar permit fee. Interconnect is to be built in Haines Township. HAMA will be responsible for future maintenance costs. HAMA must meet DEP milestones for improvements to HAMA’s water system in order to keep agreement in force. Mr. Rupert and President Ilgen will work together to establish fees for the water to HAMA and this will be included in the agreement. Council will send information to Woody Cole of DEP and to Bob Jacobs to rewrite the agreement.

Outsourcing payroll:

Quotes were received by Johnson Brother and Susan Bollman on the cost of outsourcing payroll. Johnson Brother $110.00 per month Ms. Bollman $45.00 per month. QuickBooks payroll is up for renewal at $650.00 for the year. A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Stephen Myers to accept Susan Bollman’s quote and outsource payroll. Motion carried.

New Hire:

Interviews continue to be held.

Fire Company Fundraiser – May 11, 2019

A motion was made Stephen Myers seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh to approve the Fire Company’s request to close the alley (2nd Street) between the fire company parking lot and the old ballfield to hold a fundraising music event on the fire company parking lot and the old ball field on the fire company property. Motion carried.

Millheim Spring 06-22-19

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh to grant permission for Penns Valley Park and Recreation to use local roads within the borough for their fund raising event also to use the Millheim Volunteer Fire Co. for traffic control and calming within the Borough limits. Motion carried.

Pension Review:

The financial statement of the Millheim Borough Non-Uniformed Pension Plan prepared by Thomas J. Anderson & Associates was reviewed. A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Stephen Myers to accept the recommendation to request the over payment of $3,378.19 be transferred back to the general fund. Motion carried. Request will be emailed to Thomas J. Anderson & Associates.

Excessive Water Bill:

Discussion was held on what guidelines should be followed in the event of large quantities of water being run through meters because of frozen and broken pipes.  Council decided that each event would be reviewed on an individual basis, taking into consideration the input from property owner.

Old Action Items:

Fund Balance Transfers – tabled until 04/19/19

Three Year Planning Considerations:

President Ilgen to contact Matt Kenepp (PennDot) to prepare bidding process for the paving of Locust Street, Walnut Street and South Street.

Radar Speed Control Signs:

President Ilgen following up with bidders.

Liquid Fuels Audit for 2017 was reviewed with no questions or concerns.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh to renew the 2019 Preventive Maintenance Agreement for the geothermal heat pumps with Stanly C. Bierly for $500.00. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Stephen Myers to renew the maintenance agreement on the Sharp Copier with Nittany Office Equipment in the amount of $   .00. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Robert Zeigler seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh to approve the March 12, 2019 and the March 22, 2019 minutes. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Stephen Myers seconded by Robert Zeigler to approve the March financial report. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Patty Beckenbaugh seconded by Robert Zeigler to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM.


Denise Immel Assistant Secretary/Treasurer