2021-03-09 Council Minutes



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March 09, 2021

Robert Zeigler called the meeting to order with the pledging of allegiance at 7:00 PM. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Steve Myers, Patty Beckenbaugh and Katie Blume. Also in attendance Mayor Lauralee Snyder, Solicitor John Miller, Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer and Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary. Absent Beth Cowher

Citizens Present: Travis and Megan Walker, Jennifer Cain, Leslie Warriner and Nick Engle

Citizens Comments: none

Consent Agenda:

Katie Blume made a motion to approve all items in the consent agenda as presented, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh, motion carried.

New Action Items:

Vacating of Confer Alley:

Solicitor Miller asked the residents present if there were any comments or objection to the Council accepting the petition to vacate Confer Alley. With no question, concerns or objection from residents present Patty Beckenbaugh made a motion to vacate Confer Alley and have Solicitor Miller draw up the necessary ordinance and advertise per Borough Code, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried.

Reimbursement of Liquid Fuels:

Notification has been received that the Borough was in violation of bidding requirements on the 2018 paving project for Oak, Locust and South Streets. In order to receive our 2021 Liquid Fuels allocation funds used from this account for this project must be reimbursed to our Liquid Fuels account and proof of reimbursement sent to Matt Kenepp. Steve Myers made a motion to transfer $36,140.50 from the borough general account to the state aid account to meet requirements to receive our 2021 allocation, seconded Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried.

Transfer of Trailer Title:

Steve Myer made a motion to authorize Justin Kerstetter to sign necessary documents to complete title transfer of trailer purchased from Millheim Small Engine, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried.

Triathlon Indemnity Clause/Sponsorship:

The Triathlon committee has request the following clause be added to the approval letter sent last month: The municipality will agree to fully indemnify, save harmless and, if requested, defend the Commonwealth, Commonwealth departments and their officers, agents and employees from and against claims, suits or actions for injury, death or property damage arising from or because of the acts or omissions of the sponsor, its officers, agents or employees. Lauralee Snyder will speak to Joan Karp in order to assure that the insurance the Triathlon purchase list both the Millheim Borough and the Commonwealth Of PA and the employees of the Commonwealth and Borough as additional insured. Steve Myers made a motion to write a new approval letter authorizing the use of borough maintained roads and alleys and a certificate of insurance showing both the Commonwealth of PA, the Borough of Millheim and the employees of the Commonwealth and the Borough as additional insured, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Triathlon Sponsorship:

The Borough has received a request to be a sponsor of the Triathlon. Steve Myers made a motion to decline this request, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Discussion was then held on various ways the borough can support the Millheim Pool.

EMS Report:

The EMS report was reviewed with no questions or comments.

Millheim Web Article:

Ed Carter has submitted a news article to the Millheim Borough, requesting we publish on our web page. The article was reviewed by council, council will consider publication of article provided the sentence “Moreover, these financial management tips from the Millheim Borough can help your make most of your income and save for tomorrow.” be removed. Mr. Carter can present the revised article for review at the April meeting.

Review Spring Newsletter:

Council members reviewed the Spring newsletter and offered changes and additions. The newsletter will be revised and sent via email for additional review.

Ideas for the Betterment of the Borough:

See attached list

Old Action Items:

Covid-19 related update: no updates

Atlantic Broadband Update:

Atlantic Broadband is expected to be available by the end of April.

SR-2011 Right of Way

The borough will be receiving a right of way agreement for the SR-2011 project. Upon receipt the document will be forwarded to Solicitor Miller.

Leslie Update of Grant Writing; no update

NIMS: no update

Secretary’s Report:

The Borough is once again looking for an individual or company to clean the Borough Office, hallways, bathrooms and code office.

Letters have been sent to the residents who participated in the conversations about the unnamed alley, explaining that the Borough has no ownership of said alley and residents could consult an attorney if they wished to pursue ownership.

Patty Beckenbaugh made a motion to authorize payment of Uni-Tec bill in the amount of $157.60, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried.

Steve Myers made a motion to waiver the ball park mowing fee of $800.00, for the Little League organization, for the 2021, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Katie Blume made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.


Denise Immel Secretary/Assistant Treasurer