2020-10-23 Council Minutes



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October 23, 2020

Robert Zeigler called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Katie Blume, Patty Beckenbaugh, Steve Myers and Beth Cowher. Also, in attendance Mayor Lauralee Snyder, Solicitor John Miller and Denise Immel Borough Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Secretary and Sherry Corman Borough Treasurer/Assistant Secretary.

Citizens Present: Leslie Warriner

Citizens Input:

Ms. Warriner addressed council concerning the Centre County Liquid Fuels application due Friday, October 23, 2020.  Original plan was to request assistance on bridge repairs/replacement on Elk Street, Plum Street, and Mill Street, because of the deadline there is not enough time to gather necessary data to be able to present a complete package for the application. The second option is to pursue assistance in purchasing a utility cab tractor with multiple attachments to replace the aged out back hoe. Katie Blume made a motion to pursue the purchase of the utility cab, asking for full funding but noting that we would be willing to contribute funds, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried. Sherry Corman to put application together and submit to county by deadline.

Consent Agenda:

Steve Myers made a motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried.

New Action Items:

Leslie Warriner has been approached about helping with grant writing for the borough. Ms. Warriner has expressed interest in fulfilling this request pending clarification in insurance. Tabled until further information is received on what if any insurance is needed.

Penn Street Bridge update:

Replacement of bridge is on schedule for some time in 2022. The Borough’s portion of the cost is 25% of the cost plus the cost to upgrade to an 8 inch water line. Approximate expenditure $40,000.00.

Park Road update:

John Segursky is to meet with Justin Kerstetter to discuss best options for proper drainage.

Expansion of Sick Time for Part Time Employees:

Robert Zeigler presented an amended Benefits Policy for council to review. The new policy is written to include earned sick leave of 4 hours per month accrued up to 160 hours. Beth Cowher made a motion to adopt the new Benefits Policy effective January 2021, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried.

Multi-Modal Grant update:

Uni-Tec has submitted the grant which would assist in the repair/replacement of bridges on Elk Street, Mill Street and Plum Street.

Tree Assessment:

Borough residents are expressing concerns about the safety of trees located on Borough property, fears exist that these trees may come down and damage personal property. Our maintenance crew will be requested to inspect borough property and compile a list of trees that may pose danger of being blown over or breakage due to heavy snow or ice accumulation. The list will then be reviewed and further action determined.

Old Action Items:

Covid-19 Related update:

Council reviewed the list of items that the borough is requesting to have reimbursed from the County Covid-19 grant of $15,920.00. Katie Blume made a motion to approve as presented adding the sanitizing of the Borough office, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried. Katie Blume made a motion to add an air purification system for the Borough building to the proposal if labor reimbursement is declined, seconded by Robert Zeigler. Motion carried.

Update on Solar at sewer plant: none

Dam weir/water screen building update:

John Segursky to meet with Justin Kerstetter and Roy Rupert to assess the specific need and desires of said projects.

Atlantic Broadband update:

Atlantic Broadband has received approval from DCNR.

NIMS: no updates

Alert businesses of PPE that we can give out, they must come to pick up and the borough must document.

Secretaries Report:

Information for Code:

Code employees may copy documentation from any code files in borough office, no files are to leave the office and copies must be made only when a borough employee is present.

HAMA Water Restrictions:

HAMA has requested each member resident of HAMA reduce water usage by 15 to 20%.

Robert Zeigler made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Beth Cowher. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM.


 Denise Immel Secretary/Assistant Treasurer