2020-04-14 Council Minutes


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April 14, 2020

Robert Zeigler called the meeting to order. Due to COVID-19 guidelines and for the safety of council members this meeting was held in the Borough maintenance shed. Council members in attendance: Robert Zeigler, Steve Myers, Patty Beckenbaugh and Katie Blume. Also in attendance Mayor Lauralee Snyder and Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Denise Immel.  Absent Beth Cowher.

Citizens Present: none

Code Enforcement/HARB/Planning Commission Reports: none

Employee Reports:

Mr. Kerstetter reported to Mr. Zeigler that they commenced bush and leaf pickup, upon starting on the route the chipper failed and maintenance was done to repair. They are now working on the collection of brush and leaves.

No report on water/sewer.

New Action Items:

Update on Emergency Meeting topics relating to COVID-19:

Council members and staff all reported a positive response from the residents who were contacted, all seemed to appreciate the concern and offer of assistance. Ten (10) respirator masks have been authorized for purchase for delivery to Millheim Fire Company to assist in the safety of the volunteers, four (4) have been delivered, we are awaiting notification on the remaining six (6).

Ordinance repeal/replace (Weed):

Steve Myers made a motion to repeal Ordinance 263 amending Chapter 10, Part 1, Section 106, and adopt Ordinance 268 again amending Chapter 10, Part 1, and Section 106, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Solar Project Update (Build beginning in May, payment of lowered rate coming up):

Mr. Edor submitted the grant application. The application has been returned for further information. SHPO is saying is that both Archaeological and Historic Resources are present at the site, more research will be required which may delay the projected start date.

Mr. King Agreement:

Mr. King responded to our letter explaining the ability to farm the land not being used for the solar field. Mr. King appears interested in doing so and requested that he be able to walk the new boundary lines Mr. Zeigler is having the maintenance crew mark the land and has contacted Mr. King.

Discussion/Resolution on delaying tax payment penalty dates as recommended by county:

Patty Beckenbaugh made a motion to adopt resolution 2020-07, delaying penalties for late tax payments beyond the Face Date of June 30, 2020 for a period of 3 months or until September 30, 2020, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried.

Penn Street Bridge Update:

PennDot has given us three (3) options on the required relocation of the water line,

  1. PennDot will design and construct the relocation.
  2. The Borough will have the design done and PennDot will do the construction.
  3. The Borough will design and construct.

After discussion on the pros and cons of each option Katie Blume made a motion to have PennDot design and construct the relocation allowing the Borough to have input in the design, seconded by Steve Myers.

Steve Myers made a motion approving Robert Zeigler signing the Request for Incorporation letter, the Cost Sharing Request Letter Incorporated Design and Construction Municipality and Municipal Authority and the necessary Resolution (2020-08), seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried.

Penn Street discussion:

Penn Street is a state highway, all repairs and upgrades must be done by PennDot. Borough residents are and should continue to be told to contact PennDot with issues and complaints about the drainage issue and needed repairs.

Other Bridges (Mill Street, Elk Street and Plum Street):

Borough council will request Uni-Tec evaluate these bridges and make recommendation on the best and most cost effective way to proceed.

Address Changes:

The Borough has received a request from the Centre County 911 Address Coordinator to update local address to comply with USPS guidelines, discontinuing the use of fractions and alphabet assignments for apartments and suites. Address affected and recommendations are 169 ½ North Street to 169 #1 North Street, 115 ½ East Main Street to 115 East Main Street Suite 3, 156 ½ West Main Street to 156 #1 West Main Street. The property at 252 ½ East Main Street cannot be reassigned, resident or the Borough will be permitted to rename the driveway. A motion was made by Katie Blume to accept the recommendations from the Centre County 911 Address Coordinator to delete the fractions and reassign numbers, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried. A motion was made by Katie Blume to have the driveway to property 252 ½ renamed and to have the resident select the name, seconded by Steve Myers.  Motion carried. Letters will be sent to the residents affected.

Old Action Items:

Committee Position Needs Filled:

We are still searching for some on to fill the Emergency Management Position

Dry Press Testing Postponed for now:

Due to Covid-19 guidelines the dry press test has had to be postponed.

Small Water & Sewer Grants update (expected in July): no other updates

Census Update:

Mr. Zeigler reported that all filed staff have temporally been pulled. We will probably need to change the training dates assigned for the council room.

NIMS Training: This is mandatory for all council members.

Park Road:

Steve Myers made a motion to proceed with the bridge repair and paving of Park Road, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried.

Part-Time Secretary-Treasurer Position:

A discussion has been held with Ms. Corman, she understands the situation with COVID-19 guidelines and is agreeable with a to be determined start date.

Committee and Mayor’s Report:

Patty Beckenbaugh expressed concerns on the condition of some sidewalks in the Borough as well as the Route 45, East Main Street Bridge. Research will be done to find any grants available for sidewalk repair. PennDot will be contacted about the potholes and deterioration of the Route 45 Bridge.

PVPRA was discussed, as donations and memberships may be down and as this is an asset to the community what might the Borough be able to do to assist to insure the continuation of this valuable resource.

Patty Beckenbaugh made a motion to approve the March 10, 2020 Council Meeting Minutes and March 27, 2020 Emergency Meeting Minutes, seconded by Katie Blume. Motion carried.

Katie Blume made a motion to approve the March financial reports, seconded by Steve Myers. Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:

We have received the service contract from Nittany Office for the copier in the amount of $990.00. Steve Myers made a motion to have Mr. Zeigler sign the contract and approve payment of $990.00, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh.

A phone call has been received from a Borough resident disputing the amount of water usage and installation/connection of the water meter.

Quotes have been received for the shredding of old documents, as more documents will need to be destroyed it is suggested to store the current boxes and have shredding done once all documents have been gather and resolutions in place.

A reminder of the PSAB convention June 7-10, 2020 at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA.

A motion was made by Katie Blume to adjourn, seconded by Patty Beckenbaugh. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.


Denise Immel, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer