Millheim Solar Project Historic Review

Invitation To Consult

Millheim Borough Solar Partners LLC is planning on installing a solar array for use at Millheim Boroughs’ waste water treatment plant located at 637 Tattletown Road, Millheim PA 16854.

The project will use 0.5 acres of land that is within the Penns Valley and Brush Valley Rural Historic District (Key #119404) and nearby Millheim Historic District (Key #079032). The proposed project has applied for federal financial assistance from the USDA Rural Developments’ Rural Energy For America Program. Federal undertakings are subject to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act which requires federal agencies to consider the effects of projects on historic properties. This consideration includes engaging members of the public who may have interest.

Millheim Borough Solar Partners LLC is seeking local stakeholders, residents, local and county historians, local and county historic commissions, and other interested members of the community to participate in a meeting to review the proposed project from a historic preservation standpoint.

Please respond in writing weather or not you are interested in participating. Your response can be submitted to Sel Edor at Interested parties are requested to respond by Friday, May 8th although responses will be accepted for up to 30 days from the date of this publication. Interested parties will receive an invitation to the meeting, date to be determined.

Below is a project description and project map identifying the location of the proposed project. Due to current gathering restrictions this meeting will be held via conference call.

Project Description

The Millheim Solar Project is a ground mounted solar project located in Millheim, Penn Township, Centre County Pennsylvania.

The Solar project will produce electricity for use at the Millheim Borough water treatment facility. The project will utilize approximately seven hundred and eighty (780) solar panels mounted on aluminum or steel posts that will be pile driven into the ground at the project location of 637 Tattletown Road, Millheim PA 16854. The pile driven method will not require any auguring of holes and is minimally invasive. The piles are driven using construction equipment that is like a standard small tractor used on a farm. The solar panels will be connected to grid certified inverters, which will be mounted on posts, that will convert the DC electricity from the panels to AC electricity for use at the treatment plant. The interconnection will be completed in accordance with the rules of West Penn Power – the electric distribution company, and Penn Township who is the authority having jurisdiction. The installation is expected to be ongoing for 20 to 30 working days with no permanent earth disturbance.