Tree Planting Project

On June 17, 2002, the final October Glory Maple Tree was planted in the community parking lot. This first phase of the project included preparing the lay-out/sketch for the placement of the seven October Glory Maple Trees that will one day supply a beautiful canopy of shade. We hope this addition to the parking lot will invite people to park and visit Fountain Park with its gazebo and historic water fountain in front of the parking lot and to take a walk through the downtown business area.

The Millheim Borough is grateful to the PA Urban & Community Forestry Council for helping to fund this portion of the project. The Borough was awarded a $1,000.00 grant which was used to purchase the trees. The agreement for this funding was that the Borough would match the $1,000.00 either with an equal amount of money or with like-kind services. Volunteers prepared the lay-out and sketch for the arrangement of the trees and the Borough employees did the planting. Because of the Borough’s annual leaf-collection program, we were able to provide the mulch needed. We were also able to provide sufficient topsoil for this project. Thanks to volunteers and Borough stockpiles, this project was completed by using the $1,000.00 grant funds, $50.00 cash from Borough funds and $950.00 worth of in-kind match (i.e., employee salaries, topsoil from Borough stockpiles, mulch from the Borough compost pile, etc.).

We hope visitors and Borough residents enjoy the beauty and respite from hot summer days when they utilize the parking lot. Come visit us often.